Sharing Is Caring

My blog is dedicated to those individuals that are looking for not necessarily answers, but information, ideas, solutions, options, and support on life. We all have had an experience or two I am sure we can never forget, and how you went about handling it, or approached it, or simply sharing the experience could possibly help other individuals. So, I thought to myself why not; I could simply share my experiences about what goes on in my life and maybe something will pop-out that could help someone else. The thing is that this blog is not just for you, but it is also for me, it allows me to come full circle with a lot that is going on in my life, which I am sure when you read some of my posts, you will understand. Thanks for your time and feel free to send me any suggestions, ideas, topics; I am sure if I search deep enough within me, I could find some experience that relates.

We All Have Questions

The internet, along with the vast amount of social media platforms, has readily made available insane amounts of information – the question is what is true and what is not. It is up to us to take it all in and decipher this.

Coming Soon

Stories about “My” Fiction – I will create a page on my blog and begin to share fictional stories from the mind of a child/father that hopefully will entice you to love reading again and excite you on what the mind can create. Stay tuned for a page on my blog dedicate to fictional stories, in my mind, that I imagined as a kid and adult – the imagination is endless.

The Cry’s of a Child

Whether you are talking to a kid or an adult, there is never a reason to humiliate someone. It is better to encourage, but more importantly, listen because at the end you will both be better for it.

Sister-In-Law Saga Continues

I know sometimes it can feel lonely, our kids grow up and hardly visit us. That doesn’t mean you have to go back to something that was unhealthy, there is help, there are support groups, you’ll find friends if you allow yourself to.”